Build Mobile Apps plus Backend with No-Code

DIY or Hire No-Code Developer help at Low Price
Build your Cross-Platform Apps fast and affordably. Validate your idea & hypothesis in weeks, not months. Ship MVP faster! Convert Leagacy database apps to Mobile Apps.

Custom Cross-Platform Mobile Apps + Backend:
If you want to build a mobile-first product, or extend your existing products and services to mobile – EasyManage is your all-in-one development platform solution.

Pricing starts low for a no-code developer service:
Development Service or DIY plans available.

With EasyManage, 1100+ Users are saving money and time

We provide an online account with no-code developer at a fixed monthly fee. Or just DIY online accounts.


How It works

Mobile App - 30 Min | No-Code APIs - 10 Min

With 3-Easy steps, build and launch beautiful mobile apps, ready with live data.

Kick-off with your App

Get on a call with our expert. Discuss on what you want to build. We will give you an estimated rough timeline and price, based on your requirements. Then start working with us. We will assign no-code developer to your app development.

Generate Flutter App and APIs

1. If available, Table Definitions will be Imported, else defined new using No-Code tools.

2. 1-Click Generate Code: For Flutter and APIs.

3. APIs: Generated code is deploy ready, just compile, package, deploy.

4. Flutter Code: is deploy ready, just compile, package, run. Mobile App with Live Data is Ready! App is wired to our no-code APIs. Build APK | Publish to Android, iOS Stores.

Mobile App with Live Data Ready!

Keep building, iterate development. You can track daily progress and chat with no-code developer. We will monitor and check in regularly to ensure everything is going well.

Watch EasyManage in Action

Demo Video: Building Flutter App + APIs | From DbSource: Odoo ERP Schema 550+ Tables

Key Features Flutter App
No-Code Features

• Menu - SideNav
• Display - Data Table
• Display - List View, List Cards (1x1, 2x2 3x2)
• Display - Record Detail Viewer
• Forms - Input Form, Edit Form, DropDowns, Delete
• Search - Find Records and display
• Graph - Prebuilt template for specific table

Low-Code Customize Features

• Customize and Add/Enable below:
• App Login via Email, OTP Verification, SignUp.
• Security Role/User based Auth.
• Media Handling Of: Image, Video, Audio, YouTube Video
• o Upload Media From Storage | Camera
• o From/To: API calls Base64 | Network (URLs)
• Dashboard Graph - Build specific from template
• Add from templates of (apps similar to your idea).
• e.g. Inventory App, LMS App, Marketing App, Hospital App.

Demo Screens Dev Tools

No-Code Build, Low-Code Customize

Build Mobile Apps Faster and Save Money!

1-Click Develop New Mobile App, Flutter Code is generated, ready for deployment.

Get No-Code pre-built App with all Frontend UI Widgets for Flutter.

Low-Code customize to Build beautiful, usable products faster.

Customizations required are minor and can be accomplished in few hours to couple of days.

1-Click Develop New APIs, API Code for Spring REST is generated, ready for deployment. Supports all data types and Files too.

3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Mobile Apps with Cloud based APIs.

Whom we work with

We help Startups, Agencies, SMB/SME, and Enterprises to build apps insanely fast.


Validate your startup business idea, Build and Deploy a MVP App in 3-4 days. Give Users native mobile apps on Android and iOS from day 1 of launch. Iterate and build further. Get Custom no-code app to deploy on your own servers. Beat the competition and dominate the market.


Help your clients faster with cross-platform mobile apps. Choose DIY plans and employ your own no-code developers. With no runtime Lock-In or yearly subcriptions to run apps, EasyManage is preferred choice among no-code tools.


Tired of dealing with multiple freelancers and outsourcing for frontend & backend? EasyManage Offers full mobile application development, from soup to nuts. Fullfill needs of many apps as per business dynamics, reduce backlogs. Get all your apps developed at a fraction of the cost.


3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Mobile Apps and Build APIs. Surprise internal users and customers with mobile native apps and beautiful interfaces while keeping costs in budget.

No-Code Savings*! Calculator

Developing New Mobile Apps & APIs ? Moving Legacy Apps to Cloud and Integrating with other apps ? Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Productivity Up


Time Saved


Costs Saved

*! Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Results may vary for customer specific environments.

Our Developers

No-Code developers ready to work on your apps.

1 yr exp

No-Code developer and expert. Skilled in Flutter App building and full customizations.

6 Mo exp

No-Code developer. Skilled in Flutter App and API building and minor cosmetic customizations.

10 yr exp

No-Code development project manager. App building design and manage developers.

If any of these apply to you ...

EasyManage is the only tool for you

Have existing tables 20+ or 500+
Need for cross-platform & cross-database development
Are facing developer scarcity, ...

20+ or 500+ Tables, All Taken Care

Turn your Database tables into Flutter App and APIs in 30 min.

Easily extend Legacy App with existing tables on Mobile

If Tables are spread across database types & locations, No issues.
Make mutli-database data accessible via single source - Mobile App or API Data Mesh

Need for cross-platform & cross-database development

If your solutions are used by customers, as per their choice of database,
Get on to single code-base to support cross-database development too along with cross-platform!

Facing developer scarcity

From SMB to Enterprises, Freelancers to Agencies, everone is facing developer scarcity for mobile development.

With EasyManage, Get productivity booster of min 40% to 60% as per project type.

Convert Spreadsheets into

Flutter App + Backend

Based on no-code / low-code methodology, convert 1 Spreadsheet in 1 Hour, producing 7 Flutter Widgets (Screens) and 5 API endpoints.

Turn Airtable Spreadsheets into Mobile App

Here is how... (or Hire no-code developer to do it for you.)

Download Spreadsheet as CSV

Download into CSV format.

Create a Table from CSV

Create table generation sql script and data inserts from csv.

Rest is handled via no-code

Using EasyManage no-code building, import table and build Flutter Mobile App + backend in minutes.


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