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Customer Case Study
[1] Fintech Acounting Firms Benefit From No-Code

How a promising Provider Of Task Management Portal For Accountants (CA/CFA Firms) upheld customer satisfaction

Business Challenge

Increasing Backlog

A leading provider of primarily task management portal app for accountants was facing a business challenge. They were not able to satisfy customer new feature and extension solution demands.

The user demand for new features and miscellaneous solutions was increasing. With limited developer resources as company was still trying to break-even, this was leading to building backlog of up to 20 items/features. And they were loosing on customer satisfaction and dropping customer subscriptions.

Customer Demand For New Features

Backlog of up to 20 items/features

EasyManage Solution

Reduce Backlog, Accomplish More

This is where EasyManage helped them develop these solutions faster with no-code low-code approach!! After EasyManage presentation, the company decide to go ahead with it. Goal was to develop & make available some app features and integration with tally for invoices in low cost manner.

Company analyzed and selected non-core items to implement via EasyManage. The 3 initial items listed below were developed in 3 days, against the traditional development via programmer estimate of 2 months. Items/Features : Case Tracking - Legal or Scrutiny (meaning for audit by govt tax authorities), Employee Onboarding, EasyCRM (manage sales leads, contacts, pipeline, share and follow-up).

Initial 3 New Apps/Features

2 Months - Developer Estimate to implement

In 3 Days - Implemeted with EasyManage

As for integration with tally (for sending invoices into tally), The traditional development estimate was 3 months. EasyManage helped enable API on required tables in no-code manner - in 2 days. Then the API generated code was customized for tally specific requirement - 2 weeks. With screen "Download" Form/button and plumbing added - 1 day. - Feature was completed and achieved in 2.5 weeks. This saved customer a lot on money and time factors.

Tally Integration - Invoices

3 Months - Developer Estimate to implement

In 2.5 weeks - Implemeted with EasyManage

Case Study [1] - Screenshots

Example screens from Customer Case Study

Download/View Actual Code & Files From Case Study

Actual API Code Generated by EasyManage

Generated Code Customized / Extended For Tally Integration

Actual Sample Downloaded XML File tally9invoice.xml

More Screenshots | Examples

Screenshots | Ways to use EasyManage

Customer Case Study
[2] New business embraces No-Code for aid in fulfilling revenue target

How a newly establised business marketing & sales teams used EasyManage No-Code platform to rapidly develop a new solution, to manage & share "customer leads" data!

(This case study highlights benefits of EasyManage innovative in-built features "Copy-Paste inside apps" & "Mini-workflow" / "Approval system")

Business Challenge

Shortfall in Revenue

A newly established business having product line selling into 2 niches Fintech space, Healthcare space, was facing revenue shortfall.

Its management mandated for Marketing & Sales dept to jointly work together to fulfill revenue target for the next month. It authorized taking help from external agencies to get more "leads".

Both dept agreed to work together next month and Sales to get "warm leads" data in 4 batches, every Mon of Month.

First they tried with Cloud Drive and Cloud Spreadsheet and Form, but it was cumbersome managing feeds and sharing data. There was missing data, duplicate data, sales wasted time on "not warm leads".

Need More Warm Leads

Challenging to manage sourcing of data, verifying leads, share accurate data with Sales

EasyManage Solution

Get warm leads in one place, ready to convert/sale

That's where EasyManage helped them develop new app solution with no-code approach in 4 hours after setup. In this app marketing dept member created one Spreadsheet and one Form to capture data.

No-Code App with Spreadsheets:
Copies of app were made and assigned to third party vendor supplying "leads" data, to marketing itself and sales dept.

Revolutionary feature "Copy-Paste inside app and on apps" to rescue:
Once vendors submitted spreadsheet and data, marketing copy-pasted this data into their own assigned app, verified them and filtered warm leads. If all the data in source was not ready, Marketing only bookmarked completed data records, and copy-pasted them into destination.
Then the warm leads were copy-pasted into sales app.
Sales could get all the accurate data, warm leads in 1 place, and start approaching them to convert/sale.

EasyManage inbuilt features "mini-workflows, Approval System" : to get more productive while doing less.
Sales department marked internal team assignments to warm leads, and follow-ups via EasyManage inbuilt mini-workflows.
For special pricing and discounts they used EasyManage inbuilt Approval System to get Go's faster and close deals.

Was cumbersome with Cloud Drive and Cloud Spreadsheet and Form

In 1 Day - Implemeted with EasyManage

Customer Case Study
[3] Consulting Agency uses No-Code methodology for Moving Legacy App to Cloud

How Profile Consultants, an ERP Consulting Agency used EasyManage No-Code platform to move from legcy to cloud and saved 70% costs!

(This case study highlights benefits EasyManage 3-Clicks Moving Legacy App to Cloud App Forms & APIs)

Business Challenge

High moving costs with traditional method

Consulting Agency was tasked by its customer to Moving Non-Free modules of Legacy App Odoo ERP to Cloud App

The requirement was to move 400+ tables and 1200+ forms. And build 1000+ APIs on these tables for native mobile dashboard app access.

Developer time required estimate: 8 Months.

It checked developer estimates and moving costs with traditional method were very High.

Very High costs with traditional method

Consulting's customer found the intial given quote way out of budget!

EasyManage Solution

EasyManage 3-Clicks Moving Legacy App to Cloud

That's where EasyManage helped them Moving Legacy App to Cloud App Forms & APIs generated with No-Code approach.

Solution built With EasyManage 3-Clicks Moving Legacy App to Cloud App Forms & API:
EasyManage No-Code platform methodology resulted in move from legcy to cloud and saved 70% costs.

EasyManage timeline:
Move tables, generate forms, build/generate APIs : 1 week.
Customize forms, APIs : 3 weeks.
Total Developer time required : 1 Month.

Consulting's gave customer new quote with 70% cost reduction and customer bought it.

Very High costs with traditional method

70% cost savings - With EasyManage solution

Case Study [3] - Screenshots

Example screens from Customer Case Study

Download/View Actual Code & Files From Case Study

Actual API Code Generated by EasyManage

(Above Zip file includes saved web pages showing 1] Full 500 Table List, 2] API Generated All Files List)


Solutions | Use Cases

Listed below are Solutions & broader use cases!

Use Cases

No-Code Apps

No-Code platform for Citizen Developers

  • Build No-Code Apps with simple yet powerful No-Code platform for Citizen Developers
  • Get your apps live 10 times faster

No-Code Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets for Citizen Developers & End-Users

  • Build and share Spreadsheets with simple yet powerful No-Code platform for Citizen Developers
  • EasyManage is aiming to solve the problem of how people could derive more value from their data. Collaborate & unlock value in your data

No-Code APIs

No-Code API development approach

  • Use No-Code API development and save money
  • Free Up resources, Shrink timelines

Our Sweet Spots

Are You in these circumstances?

While we want to help every business small or large and enterprises with our Solutions, we are describing some of the ideal circumstances as our initial focus areas...

SMBs / SMEs wishing to embrace customer facing digitization

For Growth & Increasing Customer Satisfaction

  • Having tight budgets stopping you from digitization roll-outs ?
  • We are inexpensive when compared with other providers.
  • Looking for bundled starter kit ? We offer EasyManage no-code solution bundled with everything you need.
  • Get Up and running with "Wordpress + WooCommerce + Payment Gateway + EasyManage No-Code Solution"
  • This solves your problem of How to do business essential tasks -
  • Bundled products help you with wordpress website & blog, e-commerce - displaying of products, accept payments, customer dashboard
  • EasyManage helps with -
  • Website Forms, Misc Apps for customer facing and internal needs
  • Online spreadsheets for teams and customers
  • Digitization of manual documents and workflows,
  • Freedom to your teams (who are non-developers) to Create & Share
  • Sharing data records & information with customers

Businesses spending significant amount Dollars on API Development

SAVE upto 75% costs !

  • Are you spending more than $2000 per month on API resources ?
  • Try out EasyManage No-Code API development and see how much money can be saved, resources can be freed, timelines can be shrinked ...
  • We say, you will be able to slash costs by 75% (e.g. $1500 from your monthly spending of $2000), and achieve equivalent productivity with 25% resources than before.

You have adopted No-Code tools and currently mulling on

Cost escalations with more than $2000 spending per month ?

  • Getting demand from more departments to avail no-code solutions ?
  • Enterprises who have adopted some No-Code Solutions and spending $2000+ per month and rolled out to depeartments like Marketing, Sales, Customer Success. Now they wish to roll out to full company but additional costs are out of budget and big hindrance to more no-code benefits.
    Why not consider EasyManage as second No-Code Solution provider for rest of your organization. Get benefits into more departments like HR, Hiring, Procurement, Vendor Management, Customer Support, and everyone else! Our attractive pricing will make it happen for you, sooner than later.

Evaluating No-Code solutions, And You want to empower End-Users along with Citizen Developers

Enable End-User empowerment !

  • Enable End-User empowerment, Giving them copy-paste inside apps and data interoperability
  • Save and Share Queries
    Easy Integrations with API enablements
    Intuitive and faster development mechanism without visual editors which consume time
  • All those who want to utilize No-Code for apps & solutions where pixel perfect UI is not required , but, more so, powerful features are desired, e.g. form & screen gererators, query wizards, inline workflow automation, powerful searches, ability to get more out of solutions by Advanced Level Citizen developers, ease of data sharing & curating.

Use Case Details

By Space | Methodology
o No-Code Apps [No-Code platform for Citizen Developers]
o No-Code Spreadsheets [Spreadsheets for Citizen Developers & End-Users]
o No-Code APIs
o Low-Code Apps
o Low-Code APIs
o DIW (Digital Information Wallet)

By NO-CODE Apps & Spreadsheets (Citizen Developer) User Level
o Beginner to Intermediate Level : (Covered above in No-Code Apps & Spreadsheets )
o Advanced Level (With PowerCode)

By " Job To Be Done "
o Website Forms
o Web Apps
o Database Apps
o Spreadsheets
o App Integration
o Workflows, processes

By " Creation Objective " Category
o Content & UI Design Creation
o Database & Spreadsheet Driven Creation
o Automation & Workflow Creation

By " Solution | Technology | Feature " Category
o Digital Transformation - 2nd/3rd wave
o Records (Structured Info) with portability (Vendor Portable)
o VPR for AI Model feeding - multi record provider scenario e.g. multiple finacial standing statements - (banks, credit, purchases)
o Labeling Of Data for AI Models
o Data Tools For Citizen Developers Advanced Level
o Workflow automation , Mini-workflows, inline workflows on records and spreadsheet rows
o Data Content Curation
o Consumer Digital Information Wallet
o Increase Customer Success, Share Customer EX via sharing info
o Shared SQL like Query Tool for collaborative use, save & share queries

By Special Solutions
o Use For Forms & CMS Solutions on websites
o Customize, Extend or Integrate Legacy and Open Source Apps
o Enable EasyManage Technology in your Apps & Solutions
o Process Automation

By Department
o HR, Marketing, Sales, Procurement, Customer Support/Success

By Domain | Vertical
o Fintech, Insurance, Education, Training, Learning, Banking

By " Disruptive Features "
o Copy-Paste inside and on Apps for Solution Builders and End-Users
o Via App level Copy-Paste: Easy Setup/Copy Apps For Development, Testing, Production ; Incremental Apps ; Load/Copy JumpStart Apps
o Content Curation by End-Users
o Inbuilt ability of Backup of apps & data by End-Users
o Put Inbuilt Queries/Filters to best Use : Utilize Timespan aware and flexible multi field (column) searches
o Share/Save Queries with/for others
o Instant workflow setup and enhanced discussions with Inbuilt data flags (customizable), status capture & Approval System
o End-User Customizable Forms
o Solution building via EditorLess approach : Default Form modes, Generate Screens, Inbuilt Queries, mini-workflows
o Extend & Enhance Legacy Apps

By " Disruptive Technology "
o Virtual Tables technology
o Unlimited Workspaces & App Repositories within User Accounts
o Responsive Apps : Self Adjusting after Copy-Paste or Merge
o Apps Sharing with Users, Groups; and Locations or make Global Apps
o Comments & Discussions enhanced with data flags (customizable), status capture & Approval System
o Inbuilt Moderator system via TagPlus
o Database Table Modes : Linked / UnLinked
o Build APIs : Define table and generate APIs in few clicks
o Handle Multi-Provider records : VPR (Vendor Portable Records)
o Data Feeding to AI/ML : VPR & Labeling of data
o Integration via Db Connect, API enablement : Instant import existing tables, Leverage EasyManage technology

By " Usage "
o EasyManage Education
o EasyManage Health
o EasyManage Platform & Tools

Use With
Manage interactions
Share Data
Unlock value in Data

Details On Use Cases :

o Digital Transformation - 2nd/3rd wave
Problem | Circumstances :
1] Digital transformation of your form submission or data entry is problematic with human errors, even programs like Excel are complex and cause further errors. The captured data is scattered and sharing of "all forms capture" with others is hard.

2] We are in 2nd and 3rd wave of digital transformation where all stakeholders in business need to collaborate and communicate with others with structured information.

Our Promise | Solution :
1] Using Easymanage No-Code Platform, you can quickly develop a data form submission app, or publish spreadsheet to fill out. Then with end-users doing data entry, you can capture and store data online in cloud. Curating & Sharing this data with others, in granular or full-form fashion, is facilitated by platform. Adopt to new excellent way of combating human and legacy system error. Speed up your manual data entry process through automation. Improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your team.

2] Easymanage Platform facilitates collaboration and users can communicate with others with structured information. We support vendor portable records. Users can copy-paste on content inside apps. Users can then curate & share the information preserving the stuructured data formats.

No-Code APIs
Problem | Circumstances :
Modern mobile and web applications are built using Angular or other UI frameworks. They need backend and APIs / Microservices to feed data. Development of such APIs is costly and time consuming proposition.

Our Promise | Solution :
Easymanage Platform provides a No-Code API development approach utilizing junior developers or even senior citizen developers. To start with, Users define table and fields or import definition from database table, then they auto-generate (build) forms and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) screens. Then With few clicks, they bookmark, select and auto-generate (build) APIs (Spring REST, JAXB, etc with all the code snippets and artifacts). Users can then import these ready maven projects in favorite IDE (IntelliJ) and then compile, run , deploy APIs. All this, with No coding required, only knowledge of using IDE development environment is required.

User Levels Beginner & Intermediate Level

Problem | Circumstances :
Developer productivity is low with traditional development methods, leading to backlog of items. Businesses need dynamically new apps & solutions to remain competitive but are loosing a lot with backlogs and delays from IT.

Our Promise | Solution :
Boost Developer Productivity
Easymanage Platform provides a Low-Code Apps & API development approach to boost developer productivity and reduce backlogs. Solutions are targetted at Beginner to intermediate Level
e.g. Angular Components Beginer Level ,
APIs (Straight API and customize - Beginner Level )
APIs(JAXB REST struct records + FILE or XML == intermediate level)

Use Case | Niche Examples :

o No-Code Apps [No-Code platform for Citizen Developers]
o No-Code Spreadsheets [Spreadsheets for Citizen Developers & End-Users]
For People
Problem Area
Our Promise | Solution
Via EasyManage Product | Features | Deployment
Citizen Developers

Beginner to Intermediate Level

Business Users, Students
(Any Education Level)

Those who understand logic for using No-Code Platform, in terms of data, and about inputs, transformations and outputs.
Demand from business for building software solutions exceeding the capacity of developer resources.

Those without coding skills and business people need to be software solution builders.
1] Building custom applications via traditional methods is a complex and slow proposition. With limited experienced or expert-level resources, significant time is lost in building of app from scratch, for example in -finding the right people, setting up develop/deploy environments, infrastructure "-database, programming env., services, security, user account admin, etc-", deployment on cloud. With Easymanage No-Code Platform get your apps live 10 times faster as -you jump right into building, learning is fast as complexity of programming is avoided, utilize citizen developers you already have, developers get more done in less time-.

Easily deliver simple to complex apps with savings upto 70% time over traditional methods.
EasyManage Platform

Apps & Spreadsheets

With Advanced User priviledges
2] With traditional approach focus on customer's core needs is lost as a lot of focus goes into evaluating & selecting infrastructure, standardizing UI and backend usage. EasyManage No-Code platform gives you the time to focus on the core of an application and truly understand your customer's needs.

Platform abstracts complexities of development via providing wizards, tooling and templates. With visual development approach and no coding you speed up the development.

So you have more time to speak with customers & stakeholders, understand their needs and be successful.

3] Building custom applications with traditional approaches and DevOps methods is costly With EasyManage No-Code platform reduce the cost of development by up to 70%.
4] Deploying custom applications with traditional approach means added complexity and big overhead for IT or business owners. With EasyManage No-Code Platform simplifies the complexities of deploying app. Platform covers the underlying infrastructure and provides environments to build, test and release applications.

You can onboard your users incrementally via SaaS subscriptions. The deployment hosting is taken care with paths available for scaling and growth as your needs grow.
5] Lot of important business data is kept in traditional spreadsheets, but its hard to share such documents & collaborate. Depriving businesses the value in the data. EasyManage provides online no-code spreadsheet tool with more powerful features.

Platform also provides users access to a powerful yet lightweight database on the go. The cells support advanced data types including images and documents.

So business teams can create, share, use and unlock the value in their spreadsheet data.

Use Case | Niche Examples :

By NO-CODE Apps & Spreadsheets (Citizen Developer) User Level
o Advanced Level (With PowerCode)
For People
Problem Area
Our Promise | Solution
Via EasyManage Product | Features | Deployment
Citizen Developers Advanced Level

Professionals | PG+ Degree holders

Analysts, Accountants, Lecturers, Scientists, Researchers, Consultants

Online Spreadsheets & Apps
Need to accomplish more on top of basic online spreadsheets & apps features
* Calculate aging of past due receivable
* Hide and display different value for column based on conditions, e.g. Lab test result Negative will display so but positive will hide it and show "Contact Dr" text
* Populate unique Ids and make sure 2 spreadsheets are in sync via forein key reference
Advanced Level No-Code Solution with :
What we call PowerCode Feautres, where citizen developers themselves or in consultation with experts , accomplish more complex functionality.
These features are akin to inline functions or resource injection in java world.
* Display Modifiers via EM script
* Field populate options via Em Script
* JavaScript plug-ins
* Use of wild card char "%" for flexible and powerful queries
* Lookups and Foreign Keys, unique keys
* Connect to Db and import table schemas
* [FUTURE] Import from spreadsheets, csv, REST jason, XML
EasyManage Platform

Apps & Spreadsheets

With Advanced User priviledges


FREE Promotion!

  • Healthcare providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies share medical records and healthcare experience with patients
  • Based on Vendor Portable Record (VPR) technology
  • Store patient medical records from multiple doctors and providers in the same archive

Coming Soon!

  • EasyManage specific Solutions for areas where Curated content is important for B2C, P2P
  • Education Plus, Learning Plus, Training Plus
  • Marketplace , Retail Plus
  • Shops, Service Providers, Classifieds
  • B2C Business to Consumers information sharing: Catalogs, Product Info.
  • B2C Seek feedbacks : User-Generated Content (UGC), Surveys.
  • Events & Travel Planning


EasyManage App Platform : Use Cases

Listed below are broader use cases!

Curated Social Content

P2P Sharing

  • Users create and share curated content with social contacts
  • Examples are Event Narrations, Photo Albums, User Stories...
  • Those who are Moderators, Content Curators or Agents can share curated lists and options
  • For example:
  • - Group Enthusiasts share travel and weekend Outing option list
  • - Health Enthusiasts share Diet Plans, Health Fitness Regimes
  • - Event Planners share Planning options for Venue, Programs, Food Menu, Travel
  • - Insurance planners share insurance options relevant to specific groups

Curated Commercial Content

B2C, B2B Sharing

  • Businesses share information on their locations, products & services, Catalogs with consumers and other businesses
  • Consumers curate above content and share with peers.
  • Businesses use tools for UGC, Surveys & feedbacks

Discover EasyManage App Platform Use Cases in Details

For Business & Social Uses

Discover Use Cases