EasyManage Platform

App Platform

Build Apps and APIs with Low-Code Development. Customize, Extend or Integrate Legacy & Open Source Apps.

Low-Code Development

Build Flexible Apps & Content with Low-Code Development, use UGC Tools, Integration Pack and Microservices Generator.

Customize Apps

Use EasyManage technology to Customize Legacy and Open Source Apps. Extend apps, enable APIs. Reduce Integration Costs.

Copy-Paste in Apps & Conversations

Let your App Users extract data and content via revolutionary Copy-Paste inside apps! Enable Content Curation and Conversations.

Experience Sharing (EX)

Improve Customer Experience (CX) via Sharing Information and Content.


Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT!

For Businesses & Developers:
Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT, Easy to maintain apps, Embrace incremental development. Flexible Apps - change easily. Improve Customer EX. Faster Digital Transformation.
For Users:
Get all your Content, App stories in one place. Use copy-paste inside apps and on apps. Curate and share content easily.

API Plus - API & Integration Platform

Build APIs with Low-Code Development. Integrate Legacy & Open Source Apps.

Low-Code ADE

API Plus is Low-Code based API Development Environment to Build APIs faster. It Generates Microservices Code, Ready For Deployment.

Design APIs

Design APIs inside API Plus. Manage and control all API development activities. Rapidly build APIs by importing schemas from database.

Workspaces & Collaboration

Create workspaces for team members to collaborate. Teams can distribute and sync up development work.

Tools & Components

Web Projects are way of organizing collection of APIs. For API testing use generated scripts, and code snippets. API Testing component is available to send requests and test APIs.

Integrate Apps

Use EasyManage technology to Integrate Legacy and Open Source Apps. Reduce Integration Costs.

Connect to Anything

Connect faster with out-of-the-box database schema import and generating API assets. Leverage Db Connectors and APIs to integrate with any database or app.

Auto metadata mapping

Db connector can proactively import the metadata for the target it connects to. With table structure and data type information auto captured, developers can easily identify data and save time.


Microservices code generated for Spring REST, Java Web Services SOAP (JAX-WS). XML & JAXB: supporting code generated for Data bindings using JAXB (XSD schema files, XML data documents)

API Plus - Benefits

Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT!

For Businesses & Developers:
Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT, Easy to maintain APIs, Embrace incremental development. Achieve Faster Integration to Legacy and Open Source Apps.
Design APIs faster with Low-Code development:
API Plus provides a web-based interface for designing, and testing APIs. Engage API consumers at schema validation and API design process with auto-generated Forms, client testing templates & examples. Mocking Service is not required as example data can be populated via Forms.
Generate Code (read Don't-Need-To-Write):
- Build API specifications faster using existing database schemas
- Using Low-Code approach, Generate (read Don't-Need-To-Write) API Microservice Code
- Use generated API specifications in OAS
- Validate designs with testing templates and examples.


EasyManage Everything App and Low-Code Development for AI/ML are in Roadmap. Coming Soon!

Everything App

Coming Soon!

  • Create & Share: Variety of Content and Records
  • Create Lists, Notes, Tasks, Projects, or any custom Data Records for personal or professional needs
  • Solution for Consumer & Social Sharing
  • Improve Customer EX, Facilitate Content Curation
  • Create, Share and Curate (B2C, B2B, P2P)
  • Use UGC Tools
  • Consumers find free and paid Curated information & content
  • Has Free and paid plans
  • Share vendor portable records, exchange them with other apps via APIs.
  • Businesses & Providers share vendor portable records with consumers.
  • e.g. Doctors and healthcare providers share portable medical records with patients.
  • Use Integration Tools to connect Legacy Apps
  • Viewer Tool & Plug-In to receive VPR

AI Tools / Machine Learning

Coming Soon!

  • Develop and Deploy AI/Machine Learning with Low-Code
  • Data Science Tools
  • AI/Machine Learning Tools
  • Configure and Define your AI use cases and data models
  • Generates Code to deploy in AI Tools
  • Prepare Data and Information
  • Vendor Portable Record (VPR) technology
  • Avoid AI silos with a VPR based analytics platform

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