Build a Backend for your App using No-Code

Get wide database choices

Launch Secure and Scalable Apps faster!

EasyManage gives you a No-Code API builder, wide database choices, and secure & scalable backend server.

Select from any of MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, to store your data.

No-Code/Low-Code features to transform data, add filters, build API data Mesh, and integrate with other data sources. With data mesh, you can use multiple database types or instances in single App.

1-Click Develop Backend From existing tables.

Launch your backend in minutes.


Build | Launch | Scale

EasyManage backend can power a Mobile App, Web App, Website CMS, or more.

Used by no-code builders and developers at startups, agencies, businesses and enterprises.

Launch your backend in 10 minutes

1-Click Build APIs with no-code approach.

Scale to support millions of users

Choose your server capacity as per the user load.

Build business logic APIs, automate workflows or API Data Mesh in 2 hours

Handle employee addition workflow, or Merge data from multiple database sources or tables into a single API call

Store Data With No Record Limits

Host your data in powerful database of your choice.

Upgrade from a spreadsheet to a sophisticated database.

No more limits on number of rows or api call rates.

CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations generated

Automatically generate CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations. Then Low-Code customize to create your own endpoints, and define app specific business logic as per requirements.

Get Secure Backend

Using authentication capabilities and secure transmissions.

Single Tenant Deployment

Ensuring every tenant's information is separate and assigned dedicated resources specific to their plans (including CPU, RAM, and storage).

Automatic Documentation

API OpenSpec 3.0 Doc | Live Testing: Available instantly inside Swagger UI tool. Facilitates working amongst team members and partners.


Your backend deployment is placed inside a separate container, isolating it from other deployments. It includes everything needed to run your deployment.

   Note: Features mentioned are No-Code/Low-Code.

Connect To | Integrations

Connect To and Integrate with any Platform

Connect to any Frontend (No-Code or Coded)

Get a backend that you can plug into any frontend that supports a RESTful API. This includes everything from Javascript frameworks like React, Flutter, Angular, and VUE to No-Code frontend tools from EasyManage and other vendors.

Secure every API endpoint with Spring Security, or integrate any desired authentication service such as OAuth2, OAuth, AuthO, Okta.

Endpoints For Media Upload/Download: Download or Upload and store images, videos, PDF's and more. Media store destinations supported are, file system location or database blob columns.

Workspaces & Team Collaboration features make teams more productive.

No-Code Backend Savings*! Calculator

Developing New APIs ? Moving Legacy Apps to Cloud and Integrating with other apps ? Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Productivity Up


Time Saved


Costs Saved

*! Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Results may vary for customer specific environments.


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