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Division FeedsInfo: Use Case: EasyManage Health

Improve Patient Care & EX
No more dis-connected records

Healthcare providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies share medical records and healthcare experience with patients

Solution helps in scenarios such as hybrid and proprietary EHR systems, by facilitating them to talk to one another. No more dis-connected records. No need of calling, contacting to piece together medical record.

"In America, we have 11-15 minutes to see a patient, and, our EHR systems don't talk to EHRs of specialist consultants or hospitals, where we send patients, meaning that we-doctors still resort to transferring medical data via fax and notes printouts. -Patients, meanwhile, still struggle to access their own records distributed across multiple EHRs and with multiple credentials. EasyManage Health proposition looks promising in both aspects. "

Doctor Physician
Practicing in Austin, TX
EasyManage Health Solution

Digital Front Door
Digital Patient Engagement
* EHR Connect: Share medical records across EHR systems
* Patient Engagement & Portal
Healthcare No-Code apps, spreadsheets, workflows
Healthcare Data Collaboration & Data Workspace

EasyManage empowers Solutions and Use Cases like:
Digital Health Transformation
Care Management
Patient Portals
Personal Health

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Use Cases

Share, Copy-Paste Medical Records

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Division FeedsLearning: Use Case: EasyManage Education

Learn and be productive in skill-set requirement of future!

Students Grade 8+ (Age 14+)

No-Code methodology and tools are indispensable skill-set requirements of future work places! Leading technology analysts predict%! 80% IT solutions will happen via No-Code tools by 2024!

Students don't need to learn coding!

As it will be only 20% of the workforce pie of future IT solutions.
Start today, become skill-set ready Citizen Developer of modern workforce, from your 1st job. Get expertise in No-Code tools using EasyManage. Build apps, spreadsheets, workflows.

"Students don't need to learn coding, but rather, learn on the skill-sets making them Citizen Developer Ready! By 2024, All the work places would have adopted No-Code tools as significant mechanism of producing solutions. Business Users and those without coding skills will use them to build apps and workflows."

College Professor
At Leading University
EasyManage Education Solution

Apps, Spreadsheets
Build solutions based on Web Apps, Database Apps.
Use Spreadsheets and inline workflows.

Share Apps & Data
App & Data ecosystem to democratize app data sharing.
Use Copy-Paste on app content to curate & share app data.

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Mobile App

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App For Android:

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%! "By 2024, 80% of technology products and services will be built by those who are not technology professionals, according to Gartner, Inc." News Link


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