Who Uses EasyManage

No-Code based where anyone from team can make apps, even non-developers!

Freelancers and agencies

Design, build, and deploy web apps, mobile apps, CMS solutions for clients.
Generate Microservices with Low-Code.

Business owners

The custom web apps you want, replace manual processes, plus digitizing forms and buiding content solutions (CMS).

IT Dept

Reduce backlogs and mobilize other department resources for building apps.

Other Department Heads

Build needed apps with no-code approach utilizing your team member. No need to wait for IT Dept to provide them.

Software Solutions Providers

Develop custom solutions for your clients. Build new apps. Customize Legacy and Open Source Apps.
Build Integration solutions and generate Microservices for APIs and mobile apps.

Non-Developers & Developers

Suitable for non-developers, CMS Content Creators & Editors, Aspiring Developers. Semi-professional Developers can use customization & Integration features!

What is EasyManage Used For

Right from building custom applications and Microservices with low-code faster development methodology, you can also extend and integrate legacy & open source apps.

Custom Apps & CMS Solutions

Rapidly build custom apps & CMS solutions as per business requirements. Also rapidly build integrations and microservices for connecting such solutions to other existing apps.

Integration, API & Microservices Development

Now Undertake Microservices Development project with Low-Code approach. Rapidly build microservices, All code is generated for Spring Rest and Java SOAP services which are cloud-ready. Provide integrations based on microservices and database connectors. The web services can be deployed with leading API Management Tools such as WSO2.

Mobile Apps Development

Rapidly build mobile apps as per business requirements. Use low-code faster development technology to build microservices for mobile apps. Use our default UI or develop your own UI to consume microservices.

Customize, Extend or Integrate Legacy and Open Source Apps

Business can customize ERP, CRM or e-Commerce software as per their needs. Also they can rapidly build integrations and microservices for connecting these apps to other legacy apps.

EasyManage Difference

World's first platform with following revolutionary technology!

Build not just Applications but Integrations and AI Models using Low-Code Development. Generates code for APIs and Microservices.
Content Curation based on App Streaming & App Sharding

Use Copy-Paste on apps and inside Apps on content.
In-App Feedback, with Conversations enabled inside App Screens, Capture analytical form based information from conversations via Labelling of Conversations.

Vendor Portable Records (VPR) for interoperability and avoiding AI silos
Apps are responsive and they self-adjust after copy-paste into another app.
Create new Apps from templates or existing app copies.

EasyManage AI Difference

Shrink the time from product idea to AI deployed by upto 50%.

Artificial intelligence is changing how business works. EasyManage accelerates your ability to use AI to unlock the value in your data. Get faster predictions & recommendations.
Use EasyManage software for data collection, data transformation, AI model creation and AI deployments.
EasyManage provides software products & tools, customer support and engagements based on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis.

App Development & API Building made easy!

Suitable for non-developers, CMS Content Creators & Editors, Aspiring Developers.
Semi-professional Developers can use customization & Integration features!

EasyManage has simple desgin where data comes from virtual tables in data store.
Define forms on virtual tables with cosmetic and business logic properties.
Then come Pages or Screen work-flows (Web Projects) which are assembled from forms.

Commonly used form usage modes are in-built supported. e.g. Display, Query Mode (with Query wizard), Input/Add Data & Edit to name a few.
EasyManage supports incremental development. Add tables, forms, more fields to tables any time. It will take effect in running apps without needing re-compilation.
EasyManage is cloud based platform, access from any where, no IDE to install or setup. Apps are deployed and available to users as soon as you wish.