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  • Healthcare providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies share medical records and healthcare experience with patients
  • Based on Vendor Portable Record (VPR) technology
  • Store patient medical records from multiple doctors and providers in the same archive

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  • EasyManage specific Solutions for areas where Curated content is important for B2C, P2P
  • Education Plus, Learning Plus, Training Plus
  • Marketplace , Retail Plus
  • Shops, Service Providers, Classifieds
  • B2C Business to Consumers information sharing: Catalogs, Product Info.
  • B2C Seek feedbacks : User-Generated Content (UGC), Surveys.
  • Events & Travel Planning


EasyManage App Platform : Use Cases

Listed below are broader use cases!

Curated Social Content

P2P Sharing

  • Users create and share curated content with social contacts
  • Examples are Event Narrations, Photo Albums, User Stories...
  • Those who are Moderators, Content Curators or Agents can share curated lists and options
  • For example:
  • - Group Enthusiasts share travel and weekend Outing option list
  • - Health Enthusiasts share Diet Plans, Health Fitness Regimes
  • - Event Planners share Planning options for Venue, Programs, Food Menu, Travel
  • - Insurance planners share insurance options relevant to specific groups

Curated Commercial Content

B2C, B2B Sharing

  • Businesses share information on their locations, products & services, Catalogs with consumers and other businesses
  • Consumers curate above content and share with peers.
  • Businesses use tools for UGC, Surveys & feedbacks

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