Powered With No-Code & Low-Code Dev, EasyManage Platform for faster Apps & API building!

  • Adopt to Industry Disrupting Low-Code Software which is now Main Stream
  • For Businesses, new opportunities will open up, enabling you to move faster, and be more productive & innovative than ever before.

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EasyManage is providing free products during promotion. We are also seeking alliance & partners for launcing our solutions, evaluating joint initiatives, or merger.

Our Offerings

Spreadsheet plus Database
Simple Database + Spreadsheet solution, Create worksheets, Variety Of Data Types supported

Forms, Simple Apps
Digitize Forms, build simple apps and workflows, automate manual processes

Mini-workflow Approval System
In-built approval system for workflows saves development efforts and automates processes faster

EasyManage Portal
Share apps and information with consumers or public users. Make available forms for public, capture data and submit.

API Plus
Build & Deploy database APIs with no-code approach, microservice code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready for deployment. You can leverage existing database tables or create new tables via our no-code visual development approach.

API Plus
Build & deploy APIs faster. API Microservices code is generated and available for customization in our Low-Code approach. APIs are deployment ready with all the needed artifacts.

Advanced Apps
Build complex apps and solutions, optionally customize & plug-in with your code, integrate and connect with other apps.

Data Tools
Data Transfer tools for business to business data transfer, or among peers. Easily Connect to, Map, extract and copy data from your database or web apps.

Enable EasyManage Technology
In your products & solutions. Let your Customers extend your offerings with self-build forms, app extensions, inbuilt mini-workflow approval system. Enable "copy-paste inside apps" in your solutions. Build & offer your APIs

Digital Information Wallet
For information exchange. Provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers

Low-Code For Healthcare
Build apps & solutions for healthcare, digital healthcare information wallet, cool interface for Share - Copy-Paste

Low-Code For Fintech, Education, Learning, Training, Knowledge Sharing, B2C info sharing
Build apps & solutions for these domains, Specific Sample Templates and Apps to start with

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Products Overview

EasyManage provides products, technology & solutions based on "No-code" and "Low-Code" development.

  • In "No-Code" approach, applications are developed by individuals with no coding skills. Organizations opting for no-code are able to enhance business capabilities from contributions of business users, not just developers!
  • This methodology is suitable for many simple use cases & apps, automating manual processes, and online spreadsheets.
  • Customers build apps that handle common processes and tasks like employee onboarding, sales pipeline, customer interaction and forms submissions, and procurement procedures automation.
  • For complex apps and API building, EasyManage provides "low-code" approach, in which developer productivity is boosted with tools and code generation.
  • EasyManage helps develop integrations and APIs for various data operations.
  • Major breakthru comes in building APIs. Microservices code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready to deploy.
  • Powered with VPR & App Streaming, EasyManage Digital Information Wallet for information exchange!
  • Provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers
  • Users can organize their digital foot-print and avoid chaos by curating content with "Copy-Paste inside Apps" tool.

Products Summary

EasyManage Platform

  • No-Code & Low-Code Application Platform
  • Build Flexible Apps & Content
  • Rapid Forms Builder
  • Embrace Digital Transformation
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • API & Integration Platform
  • Design and build APIs and integrations, with Low-Code Development
  • Generates Microservices Code (Spring Rest), Ready For Deployment
  • Use Data Integration Tools


  • Preview in App Platform!
  • Simple Database + Spreadsheet solution
  • A Book is a collection of worksheets (tables)
  • Variety Of Data Types supported
  • Users view & manipulate data via filters, query wizards & sorting. Use input forms, in-built conversations
  • Teams collaborate with easy by creating and sharing Books

EasyManage Benefits

Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT!

For Businesses & Developers:
Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT, Easy to maintain apps, Embrace incremental development. Flexible Apps - change easily. Improve Customer EX. Faster Digital Transformation.
For Users:
Get all your Content, App stories in one place. Use copy-paste inside apps and on apps. Curate and share content easily.


Build Apps and APIs with Low-Code Development. Customize, Extend or Integrate Legacy & Open Source Apps.

Low-Code Development

Build Flexible Apps & Content with Low-Code Development, use UGC Tools, Integration Pack and Microservices Generator.

Customize Apps

Use EasyManage technology to Customize Legacy and Open Source Apps. Extend apps, enable APIs. Reduce Integration Costs.

Copy-Paste in Apps & Conversations

Let your App Users extract data and content via revolutionary Copy-Paste inside apps! Enable Content Curation and Conversations.

Experience Sharing (EX)

Improve Customer Experience (CX) via Sharing Information and Content.

About EasyManage : For Developers & Users

Very appealing for Aspiring & Semi-professional developers! End-Users benefit from great in-built features.

For Developers

Aspiring Developers , Content Creators & Editors:
Build app solutions without need for coding. Develop & Deploy online from cloud No IDE req.

Semi-professional Developers:
Use customization & Integration features, Generate code for microservices, build APIs faster.

Professional Developers:
Use on-premise editions for full customization & Integrations, build and customize microservices / APIs.

For Users

End-Users & Consumers:
Share Content and Apps. Use Copy-Paste inside apps and on apps.

Use In-built features like Query Wizards, Time-Span aware searches, Conversations & Labelling.

About EasyManage : For Partners & Investors

A software technology startup with MVP stage ready products and tools. We are seeking alliance & partners for launcing our solutions, evaluating joint initiatives and/or merger.

For Alliance & Partners

Enable EasyManage Technology in your products & solutions. Offer EasyManage products in your solutions offerings. Contact us today.

For Investors

EasyManage has developed world's first revolutionary technologies. We have ambitious plans for launching globally and work on current & roadmap products. Get to know us!

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